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Hoedspruit is the original home of the concept of the “Wildlife Estate”.   Based on a similar principle to a Golfing Estate, Wildlife Estates are developed within a Wildlife area and allow for residents to live and work within the reserve combining the best worlds of an estate development with nature reserve living.  This factor together with Hoedspruit being the home of the largest privately owned conservation area in the world, makes Hoedspruit a prime destination for a variety of wildlife based developments .

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Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estates

R 527

Tel: 015 793 1192




Blyde Canyon Botanical Reserve

Swadini Road

Tel: 015 793 7400

Blyde Wildlife Estate

R 527

Tel: 015 795 5898

Escarpia Wildlife Estate


Tel: 015 795 5609

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estates

Hoedspriut Central


Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve

Umbabat Reserve (APNR)

Tel: 015 793 1242

Jejane Private Nature Reserve

Tel: 015 793 2333

Leadwood Big Game Estates

Blue Canyon Conservancy

Tel: 015 793 0471

Lissataba Private Nature Reserve

Blyde-Olifants Conservancy

Tel: 015 793 1881

Moditlo Wildlfe Estate

R 40

Tel: 015 793 7200

Ndlopfu Private Nature Reserve

Umbabat Reserve (APNR)

Tel: 015 793 3122

Ntsiri Private Nature Reserve

Umbabat Reserve (APNR)

Tel: 015 793 2366

Olifants North Private Game Reserve

North of Oilfants River

Tel: 087 806 2069

Olifants South Private Game  Reserve

South of Olifants River

Tel: 015 769 6671

Raptor’s View Wildlife EState

R 527

Tel: 015 793 0471

Welverdiend Nature Reserve

Blue Canyon Conservancy (R40)

Tel: 015 793 0471

Wild Rivers Nature Reserve

R 40

Tel: 015 793 0471

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