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The Hoedspruit Plaaswag or Farmwatch, was originally initiated as a anti-theft organisations dealing with crop theft on the farms, however, their efficient services and commitment to the community have resulted in the management and control of a wide range of incident management services and community support.

Hoedspruit Farmwatch were truly able to show their mettle during the recent Floods in January 2012.   Their coordination and and impressive reaction abilities, together with their strong working partnerships with both the SA Police and the Airforce Base Hoedspruit, resulted in measures being undertaken that can directly be attributed to the successful record of ZERO deaths during the flood, despite the severity and extensive damage caused within the greater area

Hoedspruit  Farmwatch Services & Commitments

Hoedspruit Farmwatch offers the community a safety support service and will assist and respond to emergency calls from their members in any situation that potentials indicates a threat to life or property.  Examples of the services offered include:

Hoedspruit Farmwatch takes on both a Pro-active and a Re-active stance to incidents in the area.


Undertaking proactive measures, Farmwatch does regular patrols around the region in different sectors.   Patrols are done by volunteers from the larger community who are given a structured patrol duty roster and thus conduct regular patrols around the region.    These patrols and the ability to pick up on suspicious activity immediately has resulted in a decrease of criminal incidents by 80% within the farming region.


In addition to the regular patrols, Hoedspruit Farmwatch has an active and dedicated Reaction Unit.   The Reaction unit consists of approx 20 individuals who undergo monthly training in various focus areas, from medical support to crime scene management, fire fighting skills and techniques, legal issues around the bearing of fire arms etc.    The Reaction Unit is responsible for responding to emergency situations from Motor Vehicle Accidents where they support with traffic and crowd control and ensure that the emergency personell working within the incident zone are safe, through to the armed response for any criminal attack or incident.   Plaaswag Reaction Unit has equipped themselves to support their necessary tasks such as:


As a community support organisation, Hoedspruit Farmwatch relies 100% on membership payments for its regular source of income.  Membership for Farmwatch is costed as a very small R50 per month - either paid monthly or paid in a single annual upfront payment of R600 per  year.


Apart from the continued support of Farmwatch’s ability to react to any emergency situation, as a member, you will be able to call on farm watch whenever you feel your life, that of your families, or your property is under threat.   Additionally, as a paid up member, you will be issued with a letter stating as much and this will allow for you to get the Farmwatch emergency channel installed on your Radio.  This will mean that should you find yourself in any threatening situation, a simple call for help on the radio will result in the immediate response of the Farmwatch Reaction Unit.

To apply for membership, please fill in the form below and attach the proof of payment for your membership fees.  Banking details are:

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Hoedspruit was the Limpopo winner of the Kwela/ Rapport town of the Year 2012 Competition and a finalist in 2015

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