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Filming in Hoedspruit

With its scenic vista’s, extensive privately owned conservation areas, together with the easily accessible occurrence of wild, habituated and/or tame animal species as well as a variety of wranglers and wildlife experts, Hoedspruit has been preferred filming destination for many international film crews, specifically for Natural History, travel or science documentaries.

In addition to this, with the massive international focus on rhino poaching and the illegal wildlife trade in general and with Hoedspruit’s close proximity to Kruger National Park as well as being home to the large privately owned conservation area in the world, of which the majority of it is Big 5 and thus home to Rhino, Elephant and Lion - all iconic species currently under huge threat from international poaching, Hoedspruit has become a hot spot for film crews wanting to focus on these subjects.

Although being able to offer a variety of options to film crews it has also created a sense of “film crew fatigue” where working with film crews has lost its novelty and many people are having to turn crews away as they are finding less and less time available to do the actual work required of them - such as anti-poaching work.  

It is estimated that at any time, there are at  least 2-3 film crews in the region.

To assist both locals who are constantly bombarded by film crews as well as assist the film crews in finding quality AND UNIQUE material, local Fixing / Production Facilitation company BUSHVELD CONNECTIONS, is able to assist.

Bushveld Connections has been involved in the filming industry for 16 years - from way before the major focus on Hoedspruit developed and thus has been an integral part of watching the industry and local focus grow.     For any film crew wanting to film in the area, and are looking for the assistance and expertise of a local and very experienced fixer, Bushveld Connections is able to assist.

In addition to Wildlife documentaries, the phenomal scenery has also lent itself to the Hoedspruit region being identified as a prime location for reality shows such as the Australian version of “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here”.

Some of the more well known  film shoots undertaken in Hoedspruit Live Safari

In addition to wildlife documentary filming, Djuma Private Game Lodge also offers daily “live safari’s” that are filming and streamed real-time to international audiences live across the world.  

This is a fantastic concept that allows for a large number of “arm chair travellers” to experience both a game drive as well as the African bush and all its passions, actions and survival skills, first hand and for many whom would never have the opportunity to do so for real.

Safari Live can be followed via their website or viewed below.

David Attenborough - Life in Cold Blood David Attenborough - Life in the Undergrowth I’m a celebrity, get me out of Here - Australia Steve Backshall - Deadly 60 Local Productions

In addition to international film crews in the region, Hoedspruit is also able to boast the development of a young group of local residents that are producing documentaries by the communities for the communities.    The K2C Rhino Ambassadors - a sister group to the more famous Black Mamba Anti-Poaching unit, tackles environmental problems head-on by going to the homes of residents - including known poachers and other illegal harvesters and talking to them directly about what they are doing, and the important of environmental protection.  They have also received training in film production and are producing a series of documentaries aimed at the communities to help mitigate environmental issues identified in the local communities.   See their first production alongside…..

Maruleng Municipality sponsored the production of 5000 copies of this video which has been handed out en-mass to local communities in and around Hoedspruit.

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Hoedspruit was the Limpopo winner of the Kwela/ Rapport town of the Year 2012 Competition and a finalist in 2015

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