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After the Kruger National Park, Hoedspruit is the next hottest area in South Africa when it comes to Rhino Poaching .  As a result there are a number of proactive “on the ground” and effective Anti-Poaching Measures as well as rescue and rehabilitation measure that are undertaken in the region.  Below we list a wide range of services and facilities committed to saving and protecting our rhino

Our Rhino





GES Africa

Anti-poaching and Security Services

Rhino Convention Centre

Protrack Rhino APU Training

Training facility for Anti-poaching and wildlife security

Protrack Training Camp, R40

Tel: 015 793 2585

Protrack Rhino Task Team

Trained Reaction Unit to support anti-poaching activities in the greater region.

Safari Junction R527

Tel: 071 242 9088

Protrack APU

Anti-poaching and Security Services

Safari Junction, R527

Tel: 015 793 2585

GRU (Game Reserves United)

Collaboration between private reserves in the Hoedspruit area working together to combat rhino poaching

Greater Hoedspruit Region

The Rhino Protection Trust

Dedicated to combatting rhino poaching within the independant reserves of South Africa

Makalali Conservancy

Tel: 082 414 2155

Rhino Revolution

Fundraising organistion to support rhino protection in the Hoedspruit area

Hoedspruit Central  

Tel: 082 385 9812

Voice Stress Analysis (polygraph testing)

To assess the honesty and integrity of staff before employment within a rhino related field.

Safari Junction, R527

Tel: 015 793 2585

Rhino Revolution Rhino Orphanage

Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre focused on the rescuing and upbringing of self-sustaining rhino calves to be released back into the wild when old enough


Tel: 092 927 8618 (hotline)

HESC Rhino Rescue

Offering medical assistance and a safe haven to rhino victims of anti-poaching who may have survived as well as for orphans who have lost mothers in poaching activities

Hoedspruit Endangered Species, Kapama Game Reserve

Tel: 015 793 1633

Provet Wildlife Services

Wildlife Veterinary services for survivors of poaching incidents, autopsies on those who have not survived as well as de-horning, notching, chipping and other preventative measures.  

Safari Junction, R527

Tel: 015 793 0797

K9 Conservation

Training of Dogs for Anti-poaching and security services

Makalali Conservancy

Hoedspruit Farmwatch

Local volunteer organisation to support rhino Poaching and general safety and security in the Hoedspruit Region

Greater Hoedspruit Region

Tel: 072 310 0032


Hoedspruit Police Station

Cnr of R527 and Panther Street

Tel: 015 799 4000

GRU Airwing

Airwing support for GRU, additional private reserves and for the Greater Kruger in general

Greater Hoedspruit Region

SAWC APU Training

Training and skills development in anti-poaching skills

Southern AFrican Wildife College, Orpen Road


Black Mamba’s

The Black Mamba APU was founded in 2013 by Transfrontier Africa in conunction with Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region under their Environmental Monitors P:rogramme.  

It was created to protect the Olifants West Region of Balule Nature Reserve and has since expanded to cover the entire Balule area, 400km². 

The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit is the first of its kind, being that the majority of our teams are women….

Rhino Ambassadors

The Rhino Ambassadors are a sister organization to the Black Mamba Anti-poaching Unit also falling under the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region Environmental Monitors Programme.   The focus of the Rhino Ambassadors is to go to the heart of the source and to talk one on one with general community members – which knowingly include poachers and families of poachers and to talk to them on a direct and one on one basis  …

Rhino Task Team

The Protrack rhino task team was created by Protrack Anti Poaching Services in Hoedspruit in response to the rhino ever increasing poaching  figures.  It was identified that an important requirements wold be to have a team dedicated to obtaining vital information about poaching syndicates and thus The Protrack Rhino Task Team NPO was developed.  Since 2013 the team have been highly active everyday and have successfully made a large number of arrests…  

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